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June 19, 2019



Choosing the right career path which allows you to lead a satisfactory life is one of the most important decisions one has to take in their lifetime. Whether you’re a college student planning for your graduation or a professional thinking about career change, choosing the right career that is perfect for you is a process.

The career you choose helps to shape your personality, sense of self-worth, income and opportunities of success. Unfortunately, nowadays a lot of students are either being forced by their parents to pursue a career with a high salary or they aren’t sure about their passions that they want to pursue. If done right, your career will eventually become one of the biggest reasons of a satisfactory life. Here’s our simple guide on deciding the right profession, make sure to keep the following advice in mind when searching for your dream job. 





Begin With a Thorough Self-Assessment 

Before choosing a career, you need to know yourself, your interests, skills and values. What kind of work attracts you the most? What are your dreams and aspirations? Who do you look up to? Whatever career you want to pursue, make sure you first give it careful consideration. Use self-assessment tools like career tests and personality type tests to learn about your personality traits. Then search occupations that suit your personality, mental level and interests. Doing a job that is according to your personality type will make everything easier for you in the long term.




writing down list

Make a List of Options

After finding out your personality type, traits and career paths that suit you, make a list of the occupational choices you have. Select the most appealing options according to your interests, skills and the ones which will satisfy you as a profession. Try researching on those career options. This list will eventually help you narrow down your preferred career to only a select few. You can then weigh pros and cons of each career and select the one that stands out as the best. 





Try Approaching Counsellors 

If you’re confused between different careers options, never hesitate to go to a counsellor for better decision making. Nowadays, you can find a lot of careers counsellors helping students make the right choice. Career counselling benefits a lot of the students as they make their mind clear regarding the selection of the career. Apart from counselling, you can take suggestions from your friends and family as they know you well. 




list of goals 

Identify Your Goals 

A life without goals is like a life without oxygen. You can’t live a successful life without having a goal in mind that you REALLY want to pursue. Everyone has a reason to live, a reason to work hard in life and that is a reason you need to find. This goal will then push you to put your best work forward. Once you recognise your professional and personal goals, selecting a career isn’t much difficult at all.  





Choosing the Right Career = Satisfactory life

Choosing a wrong career leads to mental stress, anxiety and depression. Many of the students are not happy with the career they select. They just try to pass the time and some aren’t even motivated enough to continue the degree that will help them land their dream job. 

Self-satisfaction is very important in everything you plan to do. Do not overthink on your decision again and again. Once you have selected a career you are sure is right for you, you should be mentally satisfied and start planning to pursue your career happily. Choosing the right career along with self-satisfaction leads to a happy life. A career preferred according to your interest keeps you motivated. Never compromise in selecting the right path. Consult with your parents, ask for their help in order to choose the right career. Once a crucial part is made. You have completed one step in having a successful life.

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Choosing the right career is a difficult task that needs a lot of concentration, make sure you give this process the time it deserves.

Read our simple guide on deciding the right profession, make sure to keep the following advice in mind when searching for your dream job. 

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